Plan Your Trip

I am not a very frequent flyer but during my recent trips I found following two tools really very useful:

TripIt is an unbelievably convenient way to manage your online itineraries. As Joel Spolsky discussed here, it’s really magical. Just forward your trip related emails to and all done! It’ll automatically generate you a beautiful itinerary and send you back the URL of it. You don’t even need sign-up. Your email address will differentiate you from others.

I love this site because today I just had a very comfortable flight because of it. If you’re tall like me and have traveled in economy class, you can easily guess the pain I face in long flights :-)

SeatGuru can guide you what seats suit you best. For example, if you are a tall person, you definitely need some extra legroom and this site can tell you which seats have extra legroom in your aircraft. Not only this, it also lists out seats which you should beware of.


8 Responses to “Plan Your Trip”

  1. Muhammad Qasim Pasta Says:

    Very useful resources :) … Happy blogging

  2. Ali Raza Shaikh Says:

    Yaar! Muslim Coach ki seat kay liye kon si website use karoon :P

  3. Faisal Says:

    @Ali i ve found a real cool website for Muslim coach,w11 etc

    here is the url:

  4. Munir Says:

    @Qasim Pasta: Thanks buddy :)

    @Ali: Aren’t you thinking about starting a new venture based on it? :P

  5. mnhkhan Says:

    nice idea .can be kept reserve for future

  6. R.Sameem Says:

    So tell me do you need to be flying somewhere to update your blog? Bhyi your blogging really does cost some ppl alot :P

  7. Munir Says:

    @R: HAHA :-D
    See how worthy is my blog :P

  8. Om Perkash Says:

    @ Munir:

    Kanjoos Memon… Ooopc… Memon ( I dont need to add Kanjoos)…. yeh websites Microsoft sponsored hain?

    @ Ali:

    For Muslim Coach you need to visit :P

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